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Consider us a flexible resource that can augment your existing product development, sourcing and manufacturing operations.  We can help you conceptualize and design soft goods with extensive knowledge of the dynamics of manufacturing product in China.  Our professional footprint in the Chinese market enables us to leverage longstanding factory relationships while also placing InTandem teams at the end of factory lines for inspection and quality assurance.  Yet we'll also oversee your project from US-based offices and personnel, ensuring we're within reach, supporting you every step of the way.  We understand the importance of your brand and we can design and execute as true brand advocates on your behalf.

Turnkey services ... from innovative product design to overseas manufacturing.

Manufacturing Services

Product Design Services


Cost Management

Brand Advocacy

We can act as a virtual extension of your production and import divisions, supporting you from manufacturing to delivery.  Our longstanding factory relationships and professional resources in China and Taiwan ensure quality production on budget and on time.  

Our design team is comprised of seasoned product development professionals with experience across a wide breadth of categories, from bags, cases and duffels to high-performance apparel.  They stay ahead of the curve on the latest developments in materials, technologies and manufacturing processes. 

We work to understand your profitability drivers and will help you get the lowest possible pricing on production.  We can support your shipping and consolidated freight arrangements, and we also have global payments expertise that may further reduce your transaction expenses.

We offer free consultation on product and marketing strategies based upon our team's collective experience across design, manufacturing and promotion.  We advocate for your brand and our Chinese and Taiwanese team members are physically present at factory lines to ensure quality and brand integrity.

Why hire an Expert?

The benefits of hiring an expert to manage your manufacturing in China are extensive.  It's a complex marketplace to do business in with various hurdles related to price quotes, sourcing of materials, quality assurance and freight management.  The InTandem team includes on-site employees at the production facilities who work to ensure your products are being manufactured as agreed and as expected.  We manage every aspect of your project and alleviate many of the traditional barriers to conducting business in foreign countries from afar.


Our clients benefit from the following:

  • Turn-key manufacturing: we can handle every step of the process and deliver high quality, finished product to your doorstep

  • Project coordination & oversight: we can manage your production activities across product lines and different manufacturing facilities

  • Prototype development: we can help you conceptualize, design and develop prototypes with cost constraints and specific product attributes in mind

  • Raw materials sourcing: we know the latest developments in soft good materials and can help you source them at competitive prices 

  • Quality control: our team in the United States overseas every aspect of your project with added assurance from our team members overseas who are on-site at factory locations ensuring final product meets all requirements, including strict quality control metrics.  As an organization, we adhere to best practice QA standards and routinely perform supplier audits so that we're only working with premium, reputable and responsible factory partners


We ensure:

  • Trust: we leverage longstanding, trusting relationships that have been in place for over 20-years

  • Reduced costs: we know how to drive expenses out of your operations from cost of materials to manufacturing and logistics

  • Increased efficiency: we'll manage your project from start to finish with a keen focus on clear communication, minimized timelines and efficient execution

  • Increased profitability: we can help you address various components of your cost model, from competitive pricing to freight consolidation 

  • Minimized problems & returns: we can minimize production defects through our ongoing QA methodologies that include in-line quality control during manufacturing 

  • Assured I.P. protection: we help you protect your intellectual property through tight controls and longstanding relationships with some of the most reputable factories in the market 



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